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About Us

Confident Businesswoman

Our Vision

Collaboration, integrity, efficiency, and open-mindedness are the key building blocks of Breyla May Consulting, LLC.


Over 50 years of collective experience working in corporate and non-profit environments has highlighted a need for diverse voices in business.  In these work spaces, there is a consistent need for representation and advocacy for voices not always heard in the meeting rooms or boardrooms. Breyla May Consulting, LLC helps elevate those voices by partnering with companies to create a more inclusive environment. 


Breyla May Consulting, LLC has worked in a broad spectrum of industries ranging from government agencies, healthcare, medical devices, fashion, and marketing.




Joining forces with our partners means bringing transparency, openness, and a willingness to learn to the table. Working side by side to communicate their shared vision in order to bring about positive and productive process improvements in the workplace

Honestness in words and actions are the foundations of our communications, accountability and partnerships.  It is imperative that we ensure all that we say and do, are in alignment with commitments made to our clients.

We understand and appreciate the value of time, and that for a lot of our clients, time is money. We take pride in bringing forth solutions that are business wise and cost effective.

In appreciation of the diversity of thought and individualism, we embrace partnering with a variety of clients in order to share best practices, new ideas, and concepts. We believe that we are all here to share and learn from each other.



Open Mindedness

Meet the Founders

Co-Founder / COO

Donna May

LinkedIN Donna May.png

Corporate  Speaker and Consultant, Donna May is the co-founder of Breyla May Consulting, LLC.  She has a MS in HR Management as well as a professional certification in HR (PHR), DEI, and Emotional Intelligence. Donna has over 25 years of years of HR management experience to include diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA), workplace investigations and mediation, corporate training and leadership coaching.  She previously founded Resiliency Coaching and HR Consulting to work with diverse individuals and groups in providing HR support, career development, and corporate training.

Donna has served as the Diversity Lead for nationally recognized k-12 private schools. She has rolled out DEIA surveys, created action plans, and hosted monthly meetings to train on various topics in DEIA.  Donna has provided her expertise to present diversity training on ‘Generational Diversity’ at the National Association of African Americans in HR annual meeting.  She received her Master of Science from Wilmington University in HR Management as well as a professional certification in HR (PHR), is a Board Certified Life Coach (BCC) through International Coaching Federation, DEI certification from eCornell and USF, is a Board Certified Life Coach (BCC), and Emotional Intelligence (EI) certification from The Priority Academy 

Co-Founder / CAO

Rose Breyla

LinkedIN Donna May.png

Entrepreneur and adventure capitalist, Rose Breyla, is the co-founder of Breyla May Consulting, LLC. A passion for breaking into new areas has brought Rose successful achievement throughout her career -  from inventing the first child-safe touchscreen glove to her role as Chief Administrative Officer with Carvertise, Rose has successfully pushed the needle forward in adaptive design, marketing, and business development. She has worked with both small and large companies over the years in a consulting capacity. Most recently as the CEO of The Breyla Consulting Group which specialized in the operational wellbeing of round 'A' funded start-ups and humanitarian non-profits. 


Rose has worked in creating businesses from the ground up for over 25 years. Systems analysis, innovative product creation and workplace culture are all a part of her curriculum vitae as an entrepreneur. With a strong base in fashion design through work in the movies, TV and theater industry, she began her professional career at the internet’s dawning, creating one of the very first children’s product online only stores. She eventually branched out to retail / wholesales sales both in the states and internationally as Owner / Head Designer.


  • Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) / HRCI Professional Human Resources (PHR) – 2003 – Present

  • International Coaching Federation
    Board Certified Coach (BCC) – 2017- Present


  • USF (University of South Florida)
    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace - May 2021

  • The Priority Academy
    Emotional Intelligence Training – March 2021

  • eCornell
    Diversity and Inclusion – September 2020

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