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Our Services

  • Employer Relations

  • Complaint Management & Resolution

  • Grievance & Allegations

  • Termination

Workplace Investigation

  • Harassment or Discrimination

  • Safety Violations

  • Violence or Threats of Violence 

  • Drug or Alcohol Use or Possession

  • Violation of Other Company Policies


  • DEI(A) Training

  • Policy Review 

  • DEI(A) Individual Topic Workshops

  • Situational on-the-spot Support


  • Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Mid-management Coaching 

  • Team Building & Coaching

  • New Team Quick Start

  • Individual Career Development

Corporate Training

  • Anti Harassment Training

  • Drug Free Work Place

  • Preventing Violence in the Workplace

  • Soft Skills Training

HR Support

  • Human Resources Audit

  • Employee Policy Guide / Manual  Review /Devolvement 

  • Unemployment Management

  • On-call / On-Going HR Consultation & Support

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Performance Management 

  • Development of Organizational Charts

  • Job Descriptions Review & Development 


Jaqueline Devone - MBA, J.D. Candidate
Healthcare Equity & Patient Care Advocate

It is my pleasure to recommend Donna. She is a solution oriented, high achiever with extensive Human Resource knowledge. Donna delivers excellence and leadership flawlessly throughout all levels within an organization. Her professionalism and dedication is an asset in any Human Resource role. I highly recommend Donna, her work and her skills.

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